What Happens With These Videos Behind the Scenes?

The Video Testimonials are called from our Enterprise-level cloud upon a link being clicked. Recommnded has the highest level security available. Each Job Seeker and each Advocate have the ability to un-publish the Video Testimonials. In-short: we are holding the Video Testimonials for easy access.

Who is Watching the Video Testimonials?

The most typical consumers of the Video Testimonials are hiring managers, human resource professionals and talent acquisition professionals. Of course, they'd never be watching the Video Testimonials if they weren't hiring, so it makes perfect sense.

Is this a Job Board? / May Resumes be Uploaded?

We are approaching 2020 and very little has changed since 1996; including these websites that ask you to submit a resume and answer questions to better hone your job search. We're not sure what a "job board" will look like in the near future but we don't think it'll look anything like what they all look like today. We'll continue to iterate. Regarding the resume, they're not vanishing anytime soon, but we don't necessarily think they are as critical as many think they are. We believe what our Advocates say about us is much more important.