Our part to help the victims of the North Bay Fires

On October 8th and 9th, four separate, terrible fires decimated over 200,000 acres, killed 42 people, injuring nearly 200 and destroyed almost 6,000 buildings. 

At its quickest pace, these fires were consuming land at a rate of 1 football field every 3 seconds. 

Inside a week, families went from planning their Halloween celebrations to figuring out where to get clothes, sleep and protect their family... or worse.

Our team knew our network had much to give and we picked our best, fastest option. We went to the local daycare center to ask a concentrated group of parents to donate as much as they could for families in need, primarily children, as fast as possible. 

Here was the result! Within 5 days of us organizing the effort, we PACKED an entire moving truck with donations. Thank you to all the parents in the San Ramon area for SO MUCH.

From this....

To this...

The children from the daycare center wrote personalized notes to the children effected by the fires.

Time-lapse video of the amazing San Ramon daycare center staff loading the truck. 

This was taken 65 miles south of the fires, 10 days after they started.

What's next?

We are now in November and we can only imagine for many of these families the challenges are continuing. Our specialty is Jobs. We are planning and communicating with people all over the North Bay on helping with jobs and talent. We have events coming up this year and we'll do our best to help the community.