Job Satisfaction in 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As we wrap this year in the United States, some of us are determined to make a job change in 2018, few are “very satisfied” with their job and others are just thankful they have a job at all!

Looking at some data: 

Only 25% of employees have high job satisfaction and job engagement. You are in a very special situation and your job is to sustain and scale your value in 2018. Here’s an interesting read on how to do this:

Nearly half of us are expecting to get a new job in the next 18 months. I say enjoy the next 5 weeks of the year, concentrate as little as possible on getting a new job and as much as possible on family time, because starting January you need to be full speed ahead on getting this new job. It will not happen overnight or even over weeks, it could take months no matter how valuable you are.

Whether you see your current situation as a mere placeholder until your next job (half of us), or you are in-transition and looking for your next job, our platform is here to help you. Browse our job board and start collecting your Advocacy to help differentiate yourself in 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving,