Your data, Privacy by Design, and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

On May 25th, the European Union (EU) will be hitting the switch on mandating companies that conduct business in the EU adhere to a new philosophy concerning data and myriad opportunities to exploit them.

The team at Recommnded and I have utilized a Privacy by Design method to build this platform and we believe the GDPR and philosophy associated should be absorbed as a global mandate, and that it will be, over time.

The simple premise that our users are visiting our web properties means that they are interested in potentially finding a new job. That’s basically everything to us. 

We are not interested in what shoes you like or what vacations you enjoy, at all. These days, several websites will index your browsing history and all the content from all the fields you’ve filled out, or all the messages you’ve exchanged or emails you’ve sent, in order to monetize you to their multitude of clienteles’ marketing departments. All this stuff is worth billions to them because the amount of personal data they have on you is frightening, and if a commercial enterprise pays enough then these websites will hand it over to them for the purposes of exploitation and manipulation.

We will never do this.

We collect a limited amount of data about our users because binding this practice is the right thing to do. Your entire experience on our platform is contained to your job search and career aspirations. 

I used to wonder how the hell some advertiser knew to send me a picture of flip-flops with a price attached to them - until I realized the content of my emails was being combed-over for the purposes of selling me something. Practices like these are intrusive at minimum and will not be tolerated for much longer.

The team at Recommnded understands and holds-critical the trust of our users. We’ve built the service in such a fashion, to prohibit the possibility of your data getting into the hands of any third party for any reason at all. It just doesn’t happen and we are very proud of this. 

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David Brennan