Video advocating is easy



No more scheduling awkward calls with recruiters; the link will take you directly to the Recommnded platform. You'll verify your professional relationship to the job seeker. No need to create an account.

2. Record Your testimonial

Familiarize yourself with our easy-to-use video platform and 8-10 questions. The whole process takes only a few minutes. Click "submit" and you're done.

Do something that truly matters

Be an advocate for positive change

By inviting you to Recommnded, your friend or colleague paid you a great honor. Your video testimonial will tell potential employers just how valuable this person is. You'll give him or her a significant advantage, possibly making a difference in compensation, answering lingering questions for soon-to-be managers, and launching his or her next career phase with positivity and confidence.

Need an advocate of your own?

You spoke highly of someone else. Maybe you'd like a video testimonial of your own. Even if you're not currently seeking a job, that moment may come. And now that you know how easy it is to record video testimonials with Recommnded, why not invite someone to be your advocate?